Discreet Selling Service

Want to keep your business to yourself?

At Exquisite we understand and respect that there can be valid reasons for a property owner to wish to keep their sale low key. Whether it’s to get a feel for what level of interest your property may achieve without having to sign lengthy agency contracts, or whether it’s for a more personal reason – we are the height of discretion.

Our experienced team have no issue keeping a secret. The very nature of our approach is to build long standing, valuable and ultimately trusting relationships. Over our many years in the property industry we have established an extensive network of contacts providing us with the accessibility needed to sell a property away from prying eyes

For a discreet and honest conversation call us today, we will personally oversee the Exquisite Discreet Selling Service. We would love the opportunity to talk to you discreetly about how Exquisite can deliver success in a subtle and unobtrusive manner.


The Exquisite client base is proactive, committed, determined and most importantly has access to funds. If you are keen to sell a property, land or development opportunity, do it the Exquisite way.

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